My Interview with Marlon Sandro!

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Marlon Sandro has been settling the international world of MMA on fire. The Sengoku 145 pound champion has amassed a 17-1 professional record, his only loss being a controversial split decision at the hands of UFC veteran and international superstar Michihiro Omigawa. Training out of the world famous Nova Uniao camp in Brazil, Sandro has been the talk of many hardcore MMA fans. A known finisher with devastating knock out power and great jiu jitsu as well, Marlon took the time out of his busy schedule to fill out an interview for us. Campizone MMA is excited and honored to bring you this exclusive interview.

Campizone MMA:   Where do you see yourself in the world rankings?

Marlon Sandro:   I'm the first in rank so I'm already happy, but I think I should be more amongst the top 3.

CMMA: Will you ever fight Jose Aldo?

MS:   No.. I'll be honest I'll have more willingness to fight in the WEC when Aldo enters the UFC. He is my brother and helps me a lot in training... If I fight him, who will I train with? He always says that the WEC is his home.

CMMA:   Will we ever see you in the WEC?

MS:   It's my dream to fight in the WEC,I would go now but everything depends on the organization. I don't have to just fight in the WEC, I could fight anywhere in the United States.

CMMA:  What's the current state of Japanese MMA?

MS:   I think Sengoku is a great event in Japan. The state of Japanese MMA is not bad but it could be better. Most believe that Japan will be again what it was before.

CMMA:   I thought you won the Omigawa fight, but the judges didn't see it that way. What is your take on the problems we have with judging in our sport?

MS:   Well the one judge thought I won the Omigawa fight, so I feel good about that. But, the judges have to say what happened in this fight.. Many don't understand submissions and others don't understand boxing... A rough example but if you put a boxing judge to referee a jiu jitsu fight and a jiu jitsu judge to judge a boxing fight... what will happen? They take more into account the skills they are familiar with.

What was the toughest fight of your career?

MS:   It was at Shooto Brazil, in which I fought against Fabricio Bicudinho. I had to fight through the adversity of having my ribs broken.

CMMA:   In your opinion, who is the greatest fighter of all time?

MS:   For me, there has to be two,  Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva.

CMMA:  How do you see a fight between you and Bibiano Fernandes going?

MS:  It would be a great fight. he's a great champion and I think the fight would be all striking and jiu-jitsu.

CMMA:   What do you think about an organization like the UFC?

MS:   It's now the best of the best.

CMMA:   Will we ever see you fight at 155?

MS:   Yes.. because I'm walking around at 170 pounds... the cut to 145 is a little narrow now. Maybe one day if there is a good proposal.

CMMA:   Who was your biggest inspiration in MMA?

MS:   At first, Randy Couture inspired me so much that they called me the Randy Couture of Paraiba. Paraiba has so many strong people there, and then they go and give me that name! hahahah.

CMMA:   Nobody has been able to stop Hatsu Hioki's ground game so far. How will you approach the fight?

MS:   Everyone knows that my team is the largest union of Jiu Jitsu in the world.. We have several world champions and have good boxers and mauy thai guys. I'm getting ready for all situations, as I always do

CMMA:  After a fight with Hatsu Hioki and a rematch with Omigawa, there may be no one left for you to fight in Sengoku. If you left, would you stay in Japan or try to come to the United States to fight?

MS:   I train to win, not just to earn more but to make big fights. Im only thinking of fufilling my contract, then if there is a logical, clear deal presented I want to fight in the United States.

  Anything you want to say to your fans in North American Marlon?

MS:   First in mind I'd like to thank GOD- I am nothing without him. I also want to thank my fans in the United States, whenever I goto events they treat me with great affection and I thank each of you and Canada too. And thank you for the interview!

CMMA:   Thank you Marlon, Obrigado.


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